Client Services

For over a decade, buy information pills finding the best attorneys for our clients has been our top priority. We would like to do the same for your organization. We take the time to understand your organization’s needs as well as its culture and style before we initiate a search on your behalf. In addition to learning the job requirements, we want to know what personalities works best in the position and what interpersonal skills are critical to success.

Next, we identify candidates for you in a number of ways. As attorneys, we have an extensive network of contacts in the legal community, especially in Chicago. As recruiters, we are in touch with an ever-growing number of attorneys who are looking for opportunities to advance their careers. We also identify and reach out to attorneys who have the attributes and skills you are seeking.

We then invest a considerable amount of time screening interested attorneys to determine which candidates qualify for the position. This demands that we read between the lines of resumes. We spend time with the candidates so that we can discuss with you each candidate’s personality, previous career decisions, reviews, and goals, as well as other aspects not reflected on his or her resume.

Our work for our clients is centered around core principles:

  • You have hired us to find the most qualified candidate as efficiently as possible.
  • We will represent you and your organization professionally and responsibly.
  • You will not see most of the candidates who are interested in your position. Our job is to screen candidates and provide you with the best of the interested talent.
  • We go beyond the resume and assist you in assessing candidates before you decide whether to interview them.
  • In addition to being your organization’s legal recruiter, we are always happy to utilize our experience and background to assist and advise you.

Finding the right candidate for your law firm, company, or organization is our full-time job. We are grateful for the wonderful feedback we have received from our clients. [See Client Testimonials] We look forward to working with you.